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Who do you want to appraise your coins?

How about me?  I have unique, high-profile qualifications to appraise your coins!  For eight years I served as the Market Analyst for Coin World’s Coin Values magazine , now part of Coin World magazine .  I established values for all U.S. coins, from those worth less than $1 to trophy rarities worth millions each.  I also wrote the weekly Market Analyses detailing coin market activity.  I still write weekly columns about the U.S. coin market for CoinWeek.com  and the Coin Dealer Newsletter .

For Coin Values I researched and established values for everything from obscure minor varieties to rarities that seldom come on the market.  I debated coin values with the brightest of coin experts and made myself available at shows and auctions nationwide to defend my work and to gather information.  My valuation work was used by hundreds of thousands of people nationwide and beyond.  I truly feel confident in putting my valuation work under scrutiny by anyone on the planet!

Additionally, I served as a professional coin grader for PCGS, the Professional Coin Grading Service, during its very early startup years.  Prior to that, I guaranteed the coins I sold to meet or exceed the grading standards of the American Numismatic Association Certification Service.  For all the years I offered that guarantee not one coin was returned to me!

Coupling my experience as the Market Analyst for Coin Values magazine and as a professional coin grader for PCGS with my more than 40 years experience as a professional coin dealer, I have unique qualifications to value any U.S. coin accurately!

Who do you want to appraise your coins?


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