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Buying / Marketing Collections

Buying and Marketing Collections

I’ve been buying collections or selling them on consignment since 1969.  I make cash offers on collections and purchase collections in their entirety.  I can also work out a consignment arrangement with you in which you may be able to realize a higher net price for your coins.  I specialize in high end coins, but I routinely buy and sell all other coins so I can completely serve your needs.

If a collection is worth more than I can handle at a given time, I know where to find an appropriate partner or funding so I can handle your complete transaction.  Over the years I have cataloged nearly 50 auction-style and fixed-price sales for collectors’ coins and my own inventory, and I can do the same for you.  I also know specialists nationwide who deal in each major area of the coin market, providing direct access to major specialist collectors to sell at top prices.  What do you have for sale?

-Mark Ferguson