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Demand is Strong for Most Areas of the Coin Market

Coin shows, small and large…local, regional and national, have been busy and attendance is strong.  Collectors, investors and dealers are actively buying most anything.  U.S. coins and world coins are in high demand right now, as are gem coins and circulated “collector” coins.  And even though some peoples’ perceptions may indicate otherwise, early U.S. commemoratives, which have lagged the market for many years, have their following of active collectors.  One area of the coin market which is suffering, though, is for common items like proof sets.  Dealer inventories are swelling.  This is in stark contrast to high-end scarce and rare gem coins, which the market can’t get enough of.

My want lists are growing.  This is partially due to a growing national business, but I see collectors expanding the scope of what they are buying as well.  For example, I’ve got one customer building complete sets of $20 Liberty and Saint Gaudens gold coins in XF-AU condition.  He’s expanding from just having completed his gem, PCGS-graded Walking Liberty half dollar set with a Mint State 64 1921-S purchased at the January F.U.N. show for the $50,000 level.  And if we can find an acceptable “mint white” MS 65 or an almost impossible Mint State 66 1921-S Walker, either of which would sell for a six-figure price, we’d go for it!

I’m working with another collector who’s building a complete Mint State set of “whitish” Seated Liberty dollars.  I think this is an appealing collection that is under-appreciated and under-valued.  Another sharp collector/investor I’ve been working with is building a high-end Registry-style Morgan dollar collection, graded by PCGS with CAC stickers.  He’ll have something of great interest when completed!

Still another collector I’m working with is finishing his set of mid-range Mint State Walkers, as well as Merc dimes, Barber coins and other sets in Mint State.  Then there are those collectors who appreciate “early” U.S. rare coins.  For example, one friend is building collections of Flowing Hair, Draped Bust, Capped Bust and Seated Liberty dimes and half dimes in gem condition.  He prefers originally toned examples that are at the top end of the grade range, and he’s a collector who appreciates pedigrees.

But one of my favorite customers is a 96 year old gentleman who’s building his PCGS-graded gold type set in AU 58.  I sold a Saint-Gaudens high relief $20 for him about 25 years ago so that he could buy a boat for his family, and at last fall’s Baltimore Expo I bought another high relief for him to have fun with.  He lost his wife just a few years ago, but is of sound mind and collecting gold coins has helped keep some spark in his life.  This is a great example of the enjoyment collecting coins can bring to people!

I’ve been helping collector/investors build their collections through want lists for more than 30 years.  I work with collectors one-on-one by phone and in person and look for coins at major national coin shows and auctions, as well as local and regional shows.  I often list my want lists on dealer trading networks and post it online.  If I can be of service to you with your want list email me or call me at 920-233-6777 or mark@MFrarecoins.com .  Do you have anything for sale?


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