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F.U.N. Show Supports Rising Coin Market

Aisles were teeming with people at last week’s Florida United Numismatists convention in Orlando.  Obviously this bodes well for a strong and vibrant coin market.  Collectors and dealers seemed to be interested in all areas of numismatics – demand is high.  At least this is my professional observation as I scoured the bourse floor searching for coins on my Want List for collectors and investors.

However there’s one aspect to the coin market that is suffering, and that’s off-quality coins.  I can’t stress how important it is to do what you can to carefully select the coins you’re buying and to “position” the coins you already own for their eventual sale if you care about the prices you’ll receive, as most people do.  The longer you wait to “position” your coins the more difficult it will be and the more money it will cost you.

You can do this by upgrading and selling some of your coins, resubmitting some of them to other grading services, or getting them approved and stickered by CAC.  The price divide is growing in the coin market between solid-for-the-grade coins and below-average-for-the-grade coins.  This is one area I advise people with.  I can’t say with certainty what a consensus of graders at PCGS, NGC or CAC will decide, but I was an experienced, professional coin grader for PCGS during its early days and have a long history of grading coins, going back to the “raw” days.

I was also the Market Analyst for Coin Values magazine, the sister publication to Coin World – I’m an expert at valuing coins.  So if you care to maximize the values of your coins please take these comments seriously and act on them.  The coin market is poised for a rapid rise in coin prices at any time.  This trend has already begun.  It’s hidden by the influence that CAC has had on the coin market and the lack of price reporting in this area by the price guides available to the public.


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